Saturday, January 07, 2012

Photo-a-day #2

Quality time with you daddy! You always ask if you cam play his eye pad, you crawl up on his lap and you both sit there playind drawing games and watching sesame street songs. What a sweet memory <3

Friday, January 06, 2012

Toe Dipping

I have wanted to start blogging again for a while. It seems life is pretty busy lately BUT I do want to get back at er'! So I am starting with a photo-a-day project. I will attempt to post a photo a day { I did say attempt } some days I may not post but then the next day you may be treated with two photo's!
Anyway I am finding it hard to find some peace at the moment to write more as the kids are trying to get ready for school and I'm their teacher! :O) Gotta run and tame the beasts right now! LOL

We had strict rules set out regarding this dog. No dogs on the couch, no feeding scraps to the dog and finally NO dogs on the bed!!

This is how you normally look when I come in to wake you up in the mornings, you and your dog! Both sleepy heads with bed head, so sweet! You love your puppy so much and he loves sleeping with you Noah!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Fluffing Your Breasts 101

A little birdie whispered in my husbands ear about a specialty bra fitting store in our neck of the woods ( ok, the little birdie was me). So after a super LONG week with the kids, Jay was working like 15 days in a row and I was completely fed up with the children, he told me he had set up an appointment for me to go and get the girls "fluffed"
We all know after each and everyone of our beautiful offspring have breastfed, tugging and gnawing at our once perky assets, that along with such a vicious beating and gravity, that things aren't so great anymore. I have had the same ONE bra for a few years now. It was a $20 Walmart bra and it's a bit worn out, didn't really fit like it should. So off I went, more excited to be away from the house then the actual fitting.
I was escorted to a change room, told to take off my shirt so I could be measured.
Now I have to admit once she told me my actual size my mouth hung open for about 15 seconds. Let's just say I was WAY out of touch with my actual size.
So after the measurements she brought me a few bra's to try on. When I had the new bra on I first noticed the remarkable lift. The girl's were back up where they used to be oh, so long ago.. (sigh) Then the fluffing instructions were given.
"Start at your armpit and pull your breast into the bra, then separate the breasts so the under wire is sitting against your skin between your breasts." So after many try on's and many fluffs I found the perfect, basic bra.
After finally having a bra that does what it should I can't go back to the old Walmart bra ever again. I encourage you all to go get fitted and fluffed and let's take back our perkiness. It's not just for the 20 year old you know!!! HA HA

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doctor's Orders

Usually at this time of the day I am sitting back with a cup of heavily creamed coffee, putting up my feet and relaxing until the baby wakes up. This is a part of the day I look forward to the most, dog is lightly snoring in his crate, all is silent. The only sound I hear is the incessant hammering and jigsawing coming from the soon to be built house next door.
You know I was told about 3 months ago that this house would be up in a few weeks and all the NOISE would end, yeah right!!! Anyway that is another topic, back to coffee.
I have finally admitted I have a problem with coffee creamer. I am sure I have added a "few" extra pounds to my weight with creamer along. So I had a idea, reduce the cream, that seemed simple enough. Why is it that coffee without incredible amounts of sugar and other edible oil additives tastes like burnt dirt? I can't do it, I NEED all that hydrogenated goodness so I can enjoy my afternoon alone mommy time and it goes without saying an addict, going cold turkey, has withdrawal and I hate that dang headache.
So after watching Dr.Oz one afternoon he talked about tea and all the health benefits, and I thought, OK I'll give it a try. I have been drinking it for about a week now and I actually enjoy it. I was drinking green tea for the first while and I never got the headache, yahoo!!
So with my new found love for tea I am hoping the extra pounds I have poured on will soon melt away.... Ah if only it were that easy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Clucking Hens

I was pretty excited about going out with the girl's, girl's I haven't seen in about 15 years. These were friends of mine from another lifetime, a time when life seemed pretty simple, my beliefs were in tact and I was confident in who I was and where I was going.
As each person arrived we greeted each other with a hug, telling the other how good they looked and how good it was to see them again. We sat down, I had the wine list in front of me, really looking forward to a drink but not really knowing if it would offend someone so I hesitated and just ordered water for the time being.
We went around the table, each of us telling what we've done with ourselves over the last 15 years. Dating, marriage, babies, and adventures of travel and work.
I was really hoping the subject of church and religious views wouldn't come up. I didn't want the atmosphere to change, because I knew it would if anyone questioned me directly. Well sure enough the question came and sure enough the atmosphere changed.
I tried to be careful what I said, being very casual in my response. In doing so I'm sure I sounded worse off then if I would have gone into the how's and why's of my beliefs. Belief's that have changed since we all knew each other so long ago. I suppose what really got under my skin, once I had time to reflect on the conversation, was it starting out with the statement, " I've heard rumours...." After that came the same statements and questions that I have with anyone with whom I share my beliefs with. You know I don't mind the conversation I think I just didn't want it to become a point with people I haven't spoken to in over 15 years.
After spending over 10 minutes talking about this I tried to change the subject and was successful, but not before I saw the eye brows raise and jaw drop reaction to some things I said. And to top it off what the statement, " well that's interesting..." Needless to say I knew I had probably offended so I ordered a Bloody Marie and enjoyed each vodka filled mouthful. ( is that spiteful??) LOL
I have been somewhat irritated for the past few days about this. I vented to my husband saying to him, " why would you ask someone their religious views in a public setting, especially when you haven't spoken in over a decade?" He objectively said it was a bit understandable, they are curious, they've heard rumours, etc.
Why was this bothering me so much. I felt judged big time. I felt like I didn't have the time to properly explain, I felt kind of interrogated.
I think what really bothered me is that my family is being discussed among my childhood friends. People are talking about us, why does that bother me?? These people haven't been a part of my life in so long, why is this bothering me?
I am sure I am being overly sensitive about it, right?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where to start...?

I've got my coffee right beside me, Samara is content and here I sit not really knowing where to even start. It has been so long since I've written anything, I have all the same excuses that everyone uses when they neglect something. Life is busy, stressful, kids things and just plain laziness.
Because it has been such long time I will just catch you up on what has happened.
- we moved at the end of August back to the same area we were in before.
- we opened a pharmacy
- Grandmother passed away from cancer
- kids started a new school
- we got a 'forever' puppy only to find out after 3 weeks of bonding that my oldest son appears to be allergic to dogs.
Well that pretty much catches you up on what's been going on with us. I am going to try this blogging thing again because I really enjoy writing it and I love hearing back from you all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fair Weather Blogger.... sorry

It has been so long since I last posted. I still come by every so often and must admit I am getting tired of seeing the same old post. I do have some legit reasons WHY I haven't been posting. Our little laptop, which was less then a year old, bit the dust SO if I want to write I have to come ALL the way down to the basement and for some reason my creative juices refuse to leave the main floor.
Life is busy and for the past while a true roller coaster. A close family member has been diagnosed with Leukemia a few months ago which has been really sad and scary. Since then he has been in the hospital a few times with complications, Jay (my hubby) has been giving advice and doing research on the drugs that are being administered.
Our house is STILL on the market, we have a conditional offer on it meaning they have to sell their house in order to buy ours. We are thankful there is an offer and pray for a quick sale to come about because we need to move by August. (AUGH!)
We have officially purchased a pharmacy back in our home city which we are happy about, our children will be close to grandparents, cousins and old friends so we are anxious to get this show on the road.
Today I am off the the natural health food store to purchase some essential oils, I am planning on making my own bug repellent. All the mosquito's in the world have decided to camp out in MY backyard. I HATE having to use deet on my children so they can go outside and enjoy the few warm sunny days we have. I'll let you know how my concoction works!!
Hope all your summers are going well so far!